The PlayTennisConnect app works in concert with your tennis center.  Make sure you have a valid username and password from your tennis center web site before installing the app.

Note:  Once you are initially logged in on the app, you do not need to log in each time you use the app - simply tap the app icon on your home screen.

1)  Install the app from the Apple App store or Google Play Store.  You should install the CLUB EDITION of PlayTennisConnect (one word, no spaces)

2)  Run the app.  You will be prompted to enter your username and password.

3)  During login - you can click the eye


to display your password (help troubleshooting keystroke errors)

4)  You will be prompted to accept notification from this app.  Please allow.  The notification feature is only used by the system and your tennis center to alert you of reservation confirmations, updates, and news from your tennis center.

5) Welcome to the PlayTennisConnect app!  Note: your home screen may be different from the screen pictured below.  The Hamburger menu however is the same as in this article.  Hamburger menu:

Tap the Hamburger menu or any of the home screen functions: