If you already have a username and password to make court reservations (and your club or facility is using the TennisConnect or FoundationTennis systems), then you can use your same username/password to use the The PlayTennisConnect app.  

If you are not sure if your tennis club or facility uses TennisConnect or FoundationTennis, please check the terms of use of the web site you use for court reservations.  If it is developed using technology from Foundation Sports Systems - it is compatible with the PlayTennisConnect app.  Please check with your tennis director or coach if you have additional questions.

Note:  Once you are initially logged in on the app, you do not need to log in each time you use the app - simply tap the app icon on your home screen.

  1. Install the app from the Apple App store or Google Play Store.  You should install PlayTennisConnect V3 (free)

  2. Launch the app.  You will be prompted to enter your (existing) username and password.  During login - you can click the eye:eye_helperto display your password (help troubleshooting keystroke errors)
  3. Permissions:  The app needs permission to access certain functions on your phone: specifically to receive push notifications, access your calendar, and access your camera.
    • Push notifications are used by your tennis director or club manager/personnel to make advise you of events they deem worthy of a push notification.  The intended use of this feature is for weather alerts/closures, to send you invitations to play, and make other timely announcements.    

    • Calendar access.  The app can communicate with the default calendar app on your iPhone or Android, writing your tennis reservations to your personal calendar - if you allow the app to access your calendar.  PlayTennisConnect never reads your calendar - we simply need permission to write to it if you so desire.

    • Camera access.  You have the ability to upload  a picture to your personal profile.  This capability requires you to enable the app to access your camera.  Please note that the app never accesses your personal photo gallery for any other purpose.

  4. Privacy.  Please see our privacy policy here.