After logging in - you are ready to go!

What you can do here:

  • Check the court schedule / availability

  • Book a court
    - in accordance with your tennis center advance court booking rules
    - simple and advanced options for finding your desired court / time
    - integration to your device calendar if you so choose

  • Book a lesson
    - if your tennis center / club pro's have made lessons available for online booking

  • Check your schedule

  • Tap to contact your tennis center or staff

We suggest that you walk through the app very simply at first, and then revisit the more advanced options as you have become familiar with the basics.

Goal 1: Find a court for Monday morning and book it.

Tap the Court Scheduler.  Select your date.  

Tap 'next' then choose the court time (8AM Court 1 in this example).  

Note you can tap or swipe right or left to scroll through the available courts.  The 'active' court sheet is the one highlighted: (Clay 1 in this case)


Choose any open court time (link says 'book it').

Confirm your reservation details (singles or double, length of play, notes to the tennis center if necessary)

NOTE:  The system will default the reservation time to the max time allowed for singles or for doubles play.  The system also 'remembers' your last choice and will pre-load it for you with subsequent reservations.

Your name and player ID come from your login - you do not need to type these in.

You may use the 'add to calendar' option to have the system automatically offer to create this record in your device calendar.

Tap 'Reserve' when complete

Success!  The system is now updated.  You will receive a confirmation notice and email for your records.

...and the court sheets have been updated appropriately

Please check out the other articles in the 'for players' knowledgebase for more information