Updated May 9, 2019

Please note that new features are included at no cost to you for the software, but on occasion, there will be recommended implementation services / coaching to help you take advantage of the new features in the way that you want to use them.  Features/modules marked with an asterisk (*) will likely require implementation services / coaching.

New features (from version 2.x to version 3.5 as of May 2019):

Administrative system / overall:

  1. Dashboards / visual insights for the Court Scheduler, Contact Manager, Event Publisher and Group Email system
  2. Drop down menus have been implemented by module to access the most frequently used programs in day-to-day use
  3. The Basic Settings menu still contains all software set-up options, and is now located under the Main Dashboard
  4. New search functions exist on most all administrative lists (search for [keyword] in page titles, reservation lists, events, etc.)
  5. Added support for Square as a payment processor
  6. TennisCollect for Square has been included with all subscription plans
  7. Credit card on file has been added for business using Square
  8. Administrative payment collection using Square has been added during the court reservation and event enrollment process for your credit-card-on-file customers
  9. Customer Masterfile and payment history polling with Square has been implemented to keep your Square/web site contacts in synch

Court Scheduler

  1. Pickleball has been added as a reservation type
  2. The Tennis Lobby view is now accessed at https://www.lobby.foundationtennis.com.  The Lobby view is an administrative view intended for use inside your building.  As such, you may log in with any Foundationtennis userid and password (Staff/Admin/Pro)
  3. The Mass Court Blocker has been updated to simplify searching and deleting individual reservations or entire blocks.
  4. The Mass Court Blocker has a more intuitive interface for identifying and resolving conflicts.

Content Editor

  1. The content that you maintain (the 'inside' of a web page, event description, group email etc.) has been upgraded using the TinyMCE Premium Pack - the world's most popular HTML editing software (note about backward compatibility)
  2. A new Inline Editor gives you 'on page' editing for exact WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  3. Paste images into pages and emails (no longer need to upload images)
  4. Uploaded images will now be automatically resized in 'responsive' (mobile friendly) mode
  5. Paste from Word and MS Office products using TinyMCE PowerPaste
  6. File attachments for group email, inside web pages and event enrollment content
  7. Page templates for commonly requested layouts
  8. Specialty page layout for logged in landing and visual navigation
  9. The Image Gallery has been replaced by Libraries
  10. Drop and drag functionality has been added to the upload image functionality

Contact Manager

  1. A new import & update has been added with pre-defined CSV/Excel layouts to simplify customer masterfile maintenance*
  2. Support has been added for UTR.
  3. "Here Today" is a new view/onscreen report to see who is expected to be onsite today (players having court reservations or event enrollments)
  4. Inbound Inquiries from your web site contact us form are now provided as a safety-net / double check on inbound inquiries
  5. The Reactivate Members process has been streamlined
  6. A new "Member Welcome Note' is available to welcome new members added to the database by your administrative personnel (sends the player a welcome kit plus link to create their own username and password)*
  7. The Contact manager summary provides a one screen recap of all player activity
  8. Family record management is now automatic for every contact
  9. The process of adding children to family records has been streamlined and child participants are now referenced in all event enrollment views (enrollment, payment, parent view of schedules)
  10. Drill down to player activity now includes greater transparency on their use of the system, and includes a 'pay on account' and 'pay open invoices' capability

Group Email

  1. Now provides email delivery reporting including delivery rate, bounces, opens and click-throughs
  2. Bounces and opt-outs are now handled automatically by the system
  3. Group email supports additional 'variables' that are inserted when player email is created (logo, First, Last Name, Expiration date)
  4. Distribution lists can now be for admin-only use
  5. A new "Profile Update Request" macro in Group Email allows you to prompt players to update their profile and distribution list membership

Business Email*

  1. We now offer hosted email plans @ your domain name
  2. Hosted email is based on SmarterMail professional, supporting web, Windows, IOS and Android devices.
  3. Hosted email synch via IMAP synchronizes all your mail folders across all your devices
  4. Additional security options for HTTPS email devices (required if you use Apple products to send and receive email)
  5. Email box rental @tennisemail.com or @racquetandpaddle.com is available to customers who cannot use domain business email (common in public parks, government agencies, and .edu domains)

The app*

  1. The stock PlayTennisConnect app is now included with all subscription plans
  2. The app is now customizable by menu item and theme / home screen layout
  3. The app is now available as your (branded) app with your app ID in the app store(s)
  4. Player-to-player invitations and 'add player to reservation' supported in the app.  Players can now create Circles of friends / teammates for play invitations at your facility
  5. Event enrollments have been added to the app
  6. Staff / Admin / Tennis Pro app users can send push notification to all players based on filters: all, all scheduled today, or all members of distribution lists
  7. Staff / Admin / Tennis Pro app users can now send push notifications for event invitations, with one-tap "I'm in" response options
  8. Staff / Admin / Tennis Pro app users can now view event participants
  9. Tennis Pro app users have anew screen/page in the app for their schedule (shows all events and reservations tagged to them as the lesson pro or event host)
  10. Credit card on file and payment card maintenance has been added to the app for TennisCollect with Square

Your web site

  1. All header, navigation menu and footer components are mobile friendly 'responsive'
  2. Foundation Tennis Version 3.x supports thousands of Bootstrap V3 and V4 Themes for unlimited custom design choices*
  3. User names and passwords must now be established at the time of player registration on your web site (too many players were not creating a username / password when those fields were on the second page)
  4. The member username/password retrieval process has been updated to a more secure link-back process to assist members needing username/password help
  5. Player logins now expire after 15 minutes of inactivity, increasing security and eliminating most cookie/session related login issues
  6. The logged-in-landing page is now variable by member type
  7. A new online member directory is available to your players and in the app*
  8. Member type security has been implemented for the member directory (who can see who)*
  9. Your Contact Us form and email mapping are now specifically selectable (giving you the ability to create hyperlinks to specific contact us queries)
  10. Your privacy policy and terms of use are now user-defined, allowing you to load your own terms and privacy
  11. Note about backward compatibility and the need to replace old page code for the 'inside' of user defined web pages and content*
  12. Google Analytics integration and set up is now available


  1. Square POS is integrated as both a payment processor (gateway) and POS application, supporting Square hardware and mobile apps for your Foundation Tennis database customers

Support System

  1. You can now register on https://support.foundationtennis.com to open support tickets, review status, search history, and view custom video responses to prior support tickets
  2. You can open support tickets via email to support@foundationtennis.com (while incredibly convenient for you, this process is slower for us as we must identify the nature of your request and then triage/route the ticket and assign a level of urgency.  You can define these ticket properties when instead you create the support ticket by logging in to the support system)
  3. Voice.  You can open a  support ticket via voicemail to 
  4. Text support. You can chat/text with support by sending a text to the number above