Update 10/23/2019 V3.5.10

A few minor adjustments and new features.

  1. Smart form implementation: Publishing Events - creating events using 'Informational' Categories will no longer present the options needed only for enrollments (TennisCollect payments, seating and availability / wait-list and standby handling, and enrollment confirmation email content).

  2. Member types - new option for automatically assigning Member type by city of residency.  You now have the option to add logic to your default New Member Type.  This will be most helpful for our public parks customers who offer resident and non resident permissions and pricing.  You can skip over this rule if it does not apply to your organization.

  3. Confirmation emails for tennis court reservations - will not longer be sent to the facility.  Changes to existing reservations and reservation deletions will still generate an email to both the consumer and the facility.  The reason for discontinuing the facility copy of new reservations is that it is rarely opened which is hurting your email 'engagement' score with the email spam checkers.  

    The Facility still has complete visibility and the audit trail (on demand) through both the court sheets and the Search Reservations function (Court Scheduler - Option #5 - search reservations).

  4. Content Editor / Web Page List view: Column 1 has been streamlined to remove the 'link name in navigation' - which is no longer used in Foundation Tennis.  A URL quick copy function has been added for additional convenience.

  5. Contact Manager Update request:  We have a new way for you to have your customers help you get your Contact manager records up to date.  A new macro in the group email editor allows you to send an 'Update Request' hyperlink, that once received by your customers allows them to click on it to edit/update their Contact record.  No login is required.

  6. Member Invitations: a new option to 'invite' contacts to become Members has been added.  This allows you to create new contact records in the Contact Manager where you can complete critical fields such as Member Types and Internal Customer ID - and then send an outbound email that invited them to add a username and password so that they can use the logged-in members features of the your web site.