May 18, 2020 NOTE:  The release notes webinar schedule will be posted Thursday, May 21.  This page will be updated with the times and conference call links at that time.

April 27, 2020

Please note that new features are included at no cost to you for the software, but on occasion, there will be recommended implementation services / coaching to help you take advantage of the new features in the way that you want to use them.  Features/modules marked with an asterisk (*) will likely require implementation services / coaching.

New features (from version 3.5 to version 3.6 as of April 27 2020 - please also see V3.5 updates from May 2019)

  1. Administrative payments - allow your front desk or back office to process payments for walk-ins and 'pay at check-in' reservations

  2. ApplePay and Samsung Pay supported for touchless Square chip readers

  3. POS - group classes / clinics / camps enrollable through the Square app and POS station as well as through the admin, web browser and app interface*

  4. Attendance - take attendance on-court (mobile friendly) or at the front desk / back office

  5. Statement billing with one-click account settlement / card on file or payment card entry

  6. Players can now manage multiple payment cards on file, designate default card to use

  7. New 'Welcome Email' for players uploaded into Contact Manager allows Member Types to be pre-assigned and pre-approved, allowing players to 'claim their account'

  8. New 'profile_update' email for players to update their profile without logging in

  9. Option to require additional player names on court reservations.  REQUIREMENT to have player name, email address, and phone number on all reservations.

  10. Wait-list requests (and management) for court reservations

  11. Branded app id's for all customers*.  Your app in the app store(s) - now standard

  12. Additional app content pages for non-logged in app users*

  13. App member landing pages by Member Type allows app functions to be restricted by member type (courts, member directory, event enrollment)*

  14. Support system - customer specific Knowledgebase folders, Community Forums

  15. Four new starting point themes for your web site.*  See samples at: